Guardianship Brochures and Policies

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01/01/2021 Statement of Aims* Principles and Practice
01/01/2021 Safeguarding Policy
01/01/2021 Safer Recruitment Policy
01/01/2021 Whistleblowing Policy
01/01/2021 Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice
01/01/2021 Missing Student Policy
01/01/2021 Bullying* Cyberbullying and E-safety Guidelines
01/01/2021 Anti-radicalisation Prevent Duty Policy
01/01/2021 Staff Code of Conduct
01/01/2021 School Statement of Service
01/01/2021 Complaints Policy
01/01/2021 Emergency Procedures
01/01/2021 Parent Handbook
01/01/2021 Student Handbook
01/01/2021 Homestay Handbook


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