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Guardianship Categories & Costs

Yes​We offer several guardianship packages to suit individual needs as we recognise that children require a varying level of care and support.
Please contact us and we will send you our costs for guardianship services.

Guardianship Categories




 1. Educational guardian for communication with school, parents & student
 2. 24/7 contact for emergenciesYesYesYes
 3. Number of visits to school per year, transport paid as extran/aYesYes
 4. Homestay with our host family during exeats, half terms
and also in cases of emergencies
emergency onlyYesYes​​
 5. Transport arrangements with  carefully selected driversemergency onlyYesYes
 6.  Attendance to parents eveningn/aextra costYes
 7.  Arranging purchase of school & sports uniform, sim-card, birthday caken/aextra costYes
 8. Registration fees - non-refundable, payable upon registration of all new students

 9. Guardianship service  fees per term / per year

10. Guardianship service fees for children under 13 years old  (per term/per year)

11. Your deposit with us (for your child expenses)
The amount of deposit can be changed according to your requirements 

Welcome & induction to guardianship for all our students, parents & schools by phone conversations, via zoom or skype before or shortly after arrival to the UK

Regular correspondence & phone calls with students, parents & schools are included in all our packages - frequency will depend on the guardianship package chosen 

15. Transfers to & from the airport 

16. Accompanying students for check-in services, medical appointments, shopping, etc

Please note: Daytime stay with our host families is also possible for early morning or late evening arrivals and departures when boarding houses are closed.

Parents will be informed about expenses in advance whenever possible.

All prices are subject to a yearly increase.

Please contact us for full details of guardianship programmes.


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