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Guardianship Categories & Costs

Yes​We offer several guardianship packages to suit individual needs as we recognise that children require varying level of care and support.

  • Platinum Guardianship is recommended for children who  require high level of care and support.
    The cost of Platinum package is £900 per term, deposit £1000.
  • Gold Guardianship  is recommended for independent students who require standard level of care and support.
    The cost of Gold package is £600 per term, deposit £1000.
  • Silver Guardianship is recommended for European students who frequently travel back home and require low level of support.
    The cost of Silver package is £350 per term, deposit £500.
  • University Guardianship is designed for students attending UK Universities.  
    The cost of University package is £500 per year.

There is a registration fee of £100 payable once for all new students. 

Guardianship Categories




Emergency Services

We will provide emergency telephone assistance during term time, exeats & half termsYesYesYes
We will help with emergency medical care arrangementYesYesYes
We will act in case of suspensions from schoolYesYesYes
Host Family

We will choose a suitable host family for your child to stay during exeats & half terms
Silver package: for exeats only
We will do CBR checks of the host familyYesYesYes
We will monitor your child while he or she is staying with the host familyYesYesYes
We will ensure the host family have all relevant information about your childYesYesYes
Transport Arrangements

We will arrange transport to & from school for your child during exeats, half terms & termsYesYes

We will arrange transport to & from host family for your childYesYesYes
We will arrange transport for other trips, such as visiting parents or friends during weekends,
attending schools & universities open days, entrance exams, etc

Pastoral & Educational Support

We will make sure your child settled well at schoolYesYesYes
We will be in contact with school, child & parentsYesYesYes
We will visit your child at schoolYesYes

We will contact school for pastoral & academic mattersYes

We can assist in arranging extra language tuition or extra curricular activitiesYes

We will attend parents evenings & report back to parentsYes

We can offer advise on subject choices & further educationYes

We can help with purchasing school uniform & mobile phone top upYes

We can arrange tutors in other educational establishmentsYes​​

Financial Matters

We will send you a detailed statement of accounts at the end of each termYesYesYes
We will send you an invoice during the term if deposit falls below agreed limitYesYesYes
We will agree all expences with you in advanceYesYesYes


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