​Educational Guardianship

​British boarding schools require international students whose parents live abroad to have an educational guardian who is resident in the UK. Appointed by the parents, this is a responsible adult whom the school can contact routinely. They are encouraged to take an active interest in the student’s education and act in ‘loco-parentis’ in emergencies.

For many students from abroad, their guardians are their parent’s representatives in this country, vital in times of emergency and to provide support and advice. 

Our role as your child’s guardian 
As educational guardians, we do everything to ensure that your child is safe and well looked after, while studying at their UK boarding school. This includes:
• Communicating with and liaising between the school, yourselves and your child.
• Visiting your child at school to ensure that they feel safe and happy.
• Attending parents’ evenings and other vital events on your behalf.
• Arranging for a host family to look after your child during exeat weekends and holidays.
• Arranging transport with carefully selected drivers.
• Providing 24/7 contact for emergencies.
• Representing your interests and safeguarding your child’s rights and welfare.

Where we offer guardianship
We can offer guardianship services in Kent, East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London. We also offer guardianship in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire, where we have our local guardianship coordinators and host families. 

Why choose us to become your child’s educational guardians?
• We have many years of professional experience in educational guardianship and private education in Great Britain.
• We fully understand how to interpret and relay messages between the students, private boarding schools and parents living abroad.
• We can give professional advice on all aspects of the guardianship process, school placement and university entry.
• We have built up a vast network of invaluable contacts in the UK.
• We have an excellent record of providing individual support and care for our students, with regular updates for parents on their progress. 

How to apply for guardianship
Please email us at info@myguardians.co.uk or complete our enquiry form. Once received, we will send you a registration form to complete and a list of documents required.​

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